How to import tremendous members quickly?

In order to give our customers the most convenient operation experience, our tech team has developed one tool to make the importing procedure quickly and easily. Pleas download the tool from here and read the following tutorials carefully.

Step 1, Choose one CSV file from your computer.

Step 2, Please set the parameters in the importing tool. Category means the members you want to import to the category with identified ID. You may see the ID when you create the category. Prefix Key should be 10-99 and each time you import the members, the prefix Key should be different. Split Size means the huge data can be split into serval pieces to accelerate the importing speed.

Step 3, When everything is done, you need to choose the export path. Then import the exported file with postfix named "sql" into your database to finish the whole importing process.

Post on Jan 10, 2012
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