How to configure/change the language package in the software?
The language package's configuration steps should be set in the following steps:

1, The language package contained in wwwroot/application/language

2, You should modify these three files to change the language, they are backend_lang.php , core_lang.php, front_lang.php.

3, When you open these three files, you should change the language contained in the quotes ,for example,
$lang['total_mails'] = "Total Mails";
$lang['pendings'] = "Pending Mails";

The "total mails" and "Pending mails" should be change to your own languages.

4, Then if you want to modify the interface of loggin, you should change the the file named
js_lang.js contained in wwwroot/media/language.

5, Change this js file as you like.
Post on Sep 30, 2011
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