How to set your newsletter in your Linux operation system?
I, Configure your Web Server:
1),create a new user account with your root account:
# useradd -d /home/inewsletter inewsletter
2),upload and move inewsletter.tar.gz to /home/. Then unzip it:
# tar xzf inewsletter.tar.gz
3), Add the web access information into configration of webserver:
+ set wwwroot to /home/inewsletter/wwwroot
+ set group, user to inewsletter

II, Configure MySQL Server:
1) Import newsletter.sql with phpmyadmin or mysql-front etc. Then run command below on your server:
# /home/inewsletter/bin/configure
Then set your mysql options

III, Start daemon:
Append '/home/inewsletter/bin/ikoded -r &' into /etc/rc.local
Post on Sep 29, 2011
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