How to translate the software by yourself?

The default language in our software is English, and we also have Chinese, French, German and Bulgarian. If your language is not contained in the above languages, please don't worry. You just need to follow the following steps to customize your own language.

  • Step 1, Copy the language files from application/language/English as the back up files.
  • Step 2, You need to translate the language based on the files you just copied and then create another folder to contain the translated language files.
  • Step 3, Upload your language files.
  • Step 4, Copy the js_lang.js from media/language/English as the back up files.
  • Step 5, Translate the js_lang.js into your own language and then upload it to a new folder which has been named with your language.

Notice: You must not change anything in the database. The most important thing is the key of the email templates from the autoresponse. This cannot be translated. If the key is changed, the system will not send anything to your customer.

Post on Jan 13, 2012
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