iKode Newsletter Server version 1.0 released
After more than 1 year's incubation and development, the fully new software has been released out as the milestone in the history of iKode Information & Technology Co., Ltd.With this more comprehensive software, lots of new elements and optimized functions can be found in this trans-epoch version: The customer activities implanted by scientific arithmetic for professional analysis.
+ Area tags for identifying the customers
+ Unsubscribe list contained for managing the email list thoroughly
+ 8 categories with more than 100 email templates to make the design easier
+ Email sending procedure suspending and editing
+ Reading time zone classification
+ More reliable sending process
+ New visualization email tracking results exhibition
+ Customizable subscribe and unsubscribe forms
+ Automatically installation and server environment configuration
+ Improvement of the software stable
+ Optimized interface with much easier operating experience
+ And more...
Post on Sep 22, 2011
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